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6 Tips for a Corporate Headshot Session

Corporate headshots are crucial when it comes to portraying your company in the best possible light. Showing the human side of your business on your website helps you build trust with your clients, personalizes your brand, and attracts higher-quality employees. In order to help you take maximum advantage of your corporate photography session in San […]

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8 Professional Headshot Poses

Most Americans have two main concerns when it comes to getting a professional photo. “Which clothes should I wear,” is the first one, while the second is: “How should I pose?” In order to get the most out of your professional headshot photography session in San Diego, you need to be able to answer both […]

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Professional Headshot Dos and Don’ts

There’s quite a lot that goes into ensuring a smooth and successful headshot session: from deciding what to wear and how to style your hair to clearly communicating your ideas to the photographer. In this brief guide, you will learn some dos and don’ts of headshot photography and how you can make sure your professional […]

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5 Key Benefits of Professional Headshots

Visuals have always been one of the most powerful tools for expression. It’s hard to tell if they’ve ever been as impactful as they are today, however, as we are constantly bombarded with endless high-quality photos and videos on social media, billboards, television, and film. The ever increasing impact of visual art and photography has […]

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