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Why do you need to work with a professional photography company?

If you’re an entrepreneur, realtor, business owner, or are looking to land that dream job, we can help you to make a strong first impression with professionally produced business headshots. At Profile, we pride ourselves on our highly creative team and their ability to provide you with superior-quality photos and efficient, client-focused services that help you present yourself in the best light. Choose us for your photo needs and show everyone why you’re the best person for the job.

Why should you choose PROFILE for your photo needs?

With some of the best-trained headshot photographers who are focused on creating the most dynamic and inspirational images for our clients, we understand that most people are nervous about having their photo taken. We provide you and your staff with a relaxing studio location, excellent direction, and professional retouching to make sure you get the experience and product you deserve! AND… we are capable of working with large companies to create a standardized look at multiple locations!

Individual business headshots

Choose your customizable package at our studio locations in: San Diego or Sacramento, (and on-location options for Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Francisco)

If your profile image doesn’t reflect your real-life expertise, we are here to help. We’ve been in the corporate photography business long enough to see how an impact-making headshot can make a difference in how people perceive you.

No longer fear the moment when you have to “Add profile image”…. Look forward to it!

Think of your headshot as a way to tell your story and brand yourself. file Business Photography in San Diego, Sacramento, we use professional equipment to ensure consistent top-quality service and provide you with business headshots that will make you thrilled to update your online presence!


Corporate photography solutions

Our goal is to make your corporate content needs … simplified. Bring us into the office to provide all your staff with consistent, powerful business headshots, and send new hires to our studio when they join!

If you want to organize a convenient in-office photo shooting session for your employees, Profile Business Photography knows how to make that experience a win.

We will set up our gear in your office anywhere from San Diego to Sacramento and provide you with a studio-like shooting experience customized to the unique needs of your business.

Our business photography packages for groups of 10 or more employees will help you present your company to the business world with ZERO hassle. Our goal is to provide HR with a digital “Branding Kit” for new and existing staff (we can create an Intro Video, Headshot, and email signature for your staff!)

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Group photos

You have a stellar team, they are here for you through all the ups and downs, and now it’s time to showcase all of you in a dynamic Group Photo.


Propel your team into celebrity style with PROFILE’s exceptional group business photography. We take our time and work with you to create a unique and professional image to use in all your marketing needs. When you look to capture that image that represents the experience, talent, and drive of your management, or of your small business staff, know that we take pride in producing images that will inspire both your staff and your clients anywhere from San Diego to Sacramento.

There is no greater way to celebrate your team than to showcase them all together in a Vanity Fair style portrait. These types of shots are not simple to execute and our studio photographers have trained to make these moments not only inspiring but immensely beneficial to your recruitment and retention.

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Artist headshots & branding packages

Explore our professional artist packages and upgrade your portfolio with dynamic new content!


Are you an artist looking to showcase your talent in San Diego or LA? We at Profile are committed to creating powerful images to help bring you the attention you need to make it as an artist. As artists ourselves, we admire your pursuit and love to work with fellow creatives to produce inspiring images. Whether you are a magician, an actor, a musician, or a social media influencer, look to PROFILE for your next shoot. Our track record of working with top influencers, actors, and musicians gives our photographers the real-world wisdom to collaborate with YOU to create the ultimate PR session.

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Professional business videos

Explaining your corporate culture and business goals through Video is not only powerful, but it is also becoming integral. Let PROFILE and its team of professionals help you to tell your story through video.


At Profile Business Photography, we offer professional video packages for individuals and businesses in San Diego, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and Sacramento. From product videos to landing page videos, to individual intro videos, we are here to provide the solution for all your video needs.

We at profile believe that every professional is best equipped with a “Welcome Video” that lives on their social media, website, and email signature, so that clients can quickly get to know who you are… And what you sound like. Video can be daunting, but our philosophy at Profile is that if you speak about WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT YOUR JOB, it will be both easy to say, and inspiring for your audience.

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Family photography

Explore our package options for creating beautiful studio photography for your family.  PROFILE’s studios are the perfect place to create unforgettable and beautiful images of your loved ones. 


At Profile Business Photography, we realize that your family is part of your brand, and that is why we believe in providing beautiful family photography to round out your online profile. We love to work with families in our studio to capture simple and beautiful moments that should be cherished for all time.

We provide you with a fun-filled experience that even the youngest members of the family will enjoy from start to finish. In case you need advice on what to wear and how to prepare for the session, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team would be thrilled to help you fill your family album and online profile with perfectly captured smiles and joys.


I have never experienced such an awesome and professional photographer. Jordan brings the confidence out of you and he really has the eye for whatever look you want, even when you’re not used to seeing yourself in a certain light. Illy was so amazing at fixing my makeup, clothes, and every strand of hair. I love working with them so much and I look forward to retaking amazing shots every year. I KNOW that my business will grow with the CONFIDENCE that my picture exudes.

Michelle Zhu Michelle Zhu

I’ve never had professional photos taken so I had zero expectation walking into the appointment. I was blown away by how professional, pleasant and great everyone was. I’m so glad I did this (and I hate hate hate taking pictures so coming from me that means a lot!).

Andrea Guerrero Andrea Guerrero

Amazing experience. They are experts at bringing out the best in the subjects they photograph. Their shots are second to none. I highly recommend their services. Confidence is priceless.

Debbie-Ann smith Debbie-Ann smith

Thank you so much for your expertise, patience, and the fun vibe! We love our team picture and cannot wait to add it to our marketing material. We will be in touch for our updated professional pictures and team expansion.

Naeomi Montenegro Naeomi Montenegro

Very professional, kind, and easy to work with – they work quick and get the right shot without any hassle!

James Skorupski James Skorupski



2165 San Diego Ave, St 103, San Diego, 92110

San Diego clients can visit us at our beautiful studio conveniently located in South Park, the indie hub of Downtown.

1715 R St #140, Sacramento, CA 95811

Our stunning Sacramento studio is an incredibly photogenic space located in The Ice Blocks, the heart of Midtown.

Frequently asked questions

Why are corporate headshots important?


As a business owner, it can be a huge differentiator showing your clients WHO is on your team. Most people take the time to learn about a firm before committing to do business with them. Having professional photos, and ideally, even intro videos, showcasing who your team members are, and how they are all working together to help solve the clients’ problems will assure your clients that they are in good hands. Conversely, not showing your team or having low-quality images of them does not create a professional first impression. 

As an individual in the corporate world, having a headshot showcases YOUR BRAND. As professionals work their way up from position to position, that headshot will likely be the way those new positions will be announced. Why not make those moments shine, revealing why you are the right person for that new job!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the reasons why you should get your own business headshot ASAP. Reach out to Profile Business Photography and let us capture your essence in a single photo anywhere across San Diego, Sacramento, and Los Angeles.

How do professionals take business photos?


If you want to add a face to your San Diego business, getting a professional corporate headshot is the way to go. Business photos are vital for professionals who are looking to develop a personal connection with their customers. The first element to building that brand is a strong headshot. That image will likely be used across your social platforms, your (or the company) website, and perhaps even in your email signature, which is highly recommendable. 

When it comes to successfully marketing and promoting your business, professional photos are a must no matter what industry you work in. The time to find and hire a professional photographer to showcase your business is NOW! 

What to look for in a professional headshot photographer?


What to look for when deciding on a professional headshot photographer in San Diego, SF, or LA is more about style and feel. Does the sample work on the website compel you, inspire you, or do they look one notch above a JCPenny headshot? Obviously, you want to love this image of you, but what is even more important is that it makes you STAND OUT and looks compelling. It honestly can be hard to love an image of oneself, but if you feel that it is a strong representation of you, that is usually a great starting point.

Here are a few other things that you should also pay attention to when choosing your headshot photographer:

  • Inquire about their previous experience.
  • Choose a photographer who can provide you with customized corporate photography packages tailored to your specific needs.
  • Confirm if they are willing to organize a reshoot if you are not content with the results.
  • Go with photographers who specialize in headshot photography.
  • Don’t forget to read their online reviews.
  • Get a quote to make sure their services fit your budget.

If you choose Profile Business Photography, we guarantee that we will make your business headshot shooting a success. As one of San Diego’s best and most experienced photographers, we will create engaging photos that will feature your business lifestyle and ensure that you are taken seriously.

What makes a good professional headshot?


It is current and shows off your power! So many people believe that presenting an older version of themselves would make for a “better headshot” than who they are today. The reality is, most of us are better at our jobs today than we were yesterday. So why promote an outdated version of you, when the best bet for your customers is who you are right now. And that is one major goal of headshots, to convert leads into business. The RIGHT you is RIGHT now!

If you have any doubts and concerns about how to prepare for a headshot photoshoot, make sure to reach out to us. We will answer all your questions to ease you into the whole process and show you how to get the most out of this exciting experience.

How do companies take group photos?


A group photograph is more complicated that one might imagine. Showcasing the management or full staff of a company must reflect the style of that company. We encourage you to look at group photos (see Annie Leibovitz) and discover what kind of photography really speaks to your brand.

Having everyone lined up at the same level, or a group sitting and a group standing, can feel very posed and uninspiring. Our goal at Profile Business Photography is to create powerful imagery to reflect the power of your personnel. We love to mix up people standing and sitting, utilizing a unique location to highlight where this group exists and how they best interact with each other. 

Also, if some members of your team are not able to attend for the group photo on the day, it can be helpful to leave a spot or two open in the group shot so that the photographer can add them in post production.

How do I make a professional video for my business?


Are you thinking about making a professional video for your business in San Diego, LA, or SF? Here are a few great tips on how to create a corporate video that will wow your clients and interest them in what you have to say:

  • Don’t rush it, take the time to brainstorm and realize what you want to be the key message of your business video.
  • Determine your target audience and see to it that it benefits your customers.
  • Choose the most appropriate location.
  • Write down the initial version of the script and see how you can perfect it further
  • End on a strong note!

You have the vision, and we have the means to bring your ideas to life! Reach out to us at your convenience, and we will send you a team of seasoned professionals to assist you in telling your story the right way.

How to book the best business photography in San Diego, SF & LA?


If you’re searching for the best headshots near you in San Diego or the nearby cities in California, Profile Business Photography is your safest choice. From corporate and actor headshots to group office photos and business videos, we cover it all.

Feel free to browse our website to find out more about our great packages and pick the option that checks off all the boxes for you. We will go out of our way to provide you with inspiring photos that are a genuine representation of who you are and what you aspire to.