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Are you looking for a way to present your company to the world and build brand awareness? Our video packages may be exactly what you need. At Profile Business Photography, we offer  top-quality video production that can help you capture the best qualities of your business and showcase it in a way that engages your audience and attracts new customers. We are your best option whether you’re looking for quality video production in San Diego, Sacramento, and the rest of the region.

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Our process 

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    Book your session arrow-down

    Check out our website and use our online platform to book your corporate video package with ease. You can also book your session via email or phone, whichever option suits you the best.

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    Define objectives arrow-down

    Our team will work with you in order to set clear and achievable objectives for your corporate video project. This will ensure a clear direction and make it easier to measure success.

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    Audience research arrow-down

    We’ll analyze your target audience to see what kind of content appeals to them. It is our goal to tell the story of your brand in a way that resonates with your customers.

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    Choose your message arrow-down

    We will work together to define and construct the core message you wish to present in your corporate video to help you achieve your goals and engage your audience.

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    Creativity unleashed arrow-down

    We love using our creative insights to help businesses tell their story and attract customers through highly appealing and imaginative visual content.

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    Tell a compelling story arrow-down

    Depending on the message you wish to present, we’ll devise a script for your video, as well as create a storyboard to help you visualize it.

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    It’s shoot time arrow-down

    It’s finally time for our team to film and edit your video and bring your ideas to life, relying on our vast industry experience, practical knowledge, and cutting edge equipment.

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    Share your video arrow-down

    Once we’ve made sure you’re 100% satisfied with the finished product, we’ll distribute your visual content and measure its success in comparison with the objectives we set in the initial phases of the corporate video project.


2165 San Diego Ave, St 103, San Diego, 92110

San Diego clients can visit us at our beautiful studio conveniently located in South Park, the indie hub of Downtown.

1715 R St #140, Sacramento, CA 95811

Our stunning Sacramento studio is an incredibly photogenic space located in The Ice Blocks, the heart of Midtown.

Frequently asked questions

What is a video package?


If you’ve never created visual content for your business, you may be unsure what corporate video packages typically look like. One of the ways that we could distinguish a corporate video from traditional visual advertising is the audience to which it is targeted. The best corporate videos are not made for EVERYONE, they are targeted toward a certain demographic that would be most interested in YOUR business.
A corporate video can be created to tell the story of your brand, present the company’s success, showcase a new product line or service, or show the employee training process. At Profile Business Photography, we can help you showcase your company through engaging and carefully crafted visual content, no matter which message you wish to present to your audience.
We also deliver Personal Branding videos, which have the simple goal of introducing you and your services to your target market, and instilling a sense of trust and ease for your future customer. These videos are shot in studio, or on location as needed, using a script and a two-camera setup for exceptional editing ease. If you want to get an idea of what our Personal Branding videos are all about, feel free to check out our Vance Mizzi video.

Why is corporate video important?


We are surrounded by moving images in the modern world and for good reason. Visual content is extremely powerful, especially for marketing purposes. Here’s how a corporate video can benefit your business: 

    • It drives engagement. If your website features creative video, people will be more likely to click play than they would read a large chunk of text. 
    • It helps your company stand out. Our corporate video packages can help you and your company to reveal WHO you are, and what your values are as a brand. When we literally hear the CEO talk about the company, it can be the most compelling reason to either WORK for that company, or do business with them. 
  • It gives your branding a new dimension. Presenting the core principles of your brand through visual content will build stronger and closer connections with consumers. 
  • It boosts your SEO. Corporate videos help drive traffic and enhance your search engine optimization. 

It increases your return on investment. Telling a clear message through visual content and building stronger branding means more traffic, more clients, and, in turn, more profit.

What should a corporate video include?


Our video packages are a great way for companies to showcase their brand and drive engagement. But what are some essential elements your corporate video should include? Here are three crucial things you need to make an effective corporate video: 

  • A clear purpose and message
  • Strong emotional appeal 
  • Powerful audio and visuals 

In order to have all three of these elements and achieve success, you need to rely on an experienced and professional shooting crew. Whether you live in Sacramento or San Diego, you can depend on Profile Business Photography to shoot, edit, and distribute your video in a way that boosts brand awareness and brings maximum benefits to your business. 

How much does it cost to make a professional video?


There is no clear-cut answer to this question, as the exact costs of your corporate video will depend on a number of factors specific to your needs, such as: 

  • The type of video 
  • The equipment and props needed  
  • The production company you choose 

If you want to get a more precise idea of our corporate video package costs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll make sure to give you a fair estimate and take all the necessary steps to brand your business successfully. 

Who shoots the best corporate videos in Sacramento, San Diego & Los Angeles? 


Profile Business Photography is the obvious choice if you’re looking for corporate video production experts in the San Diego, Sacramento, and Los Angeles areas. We boast a team of seasoned professionals who use top-quality equipment to achieve effective visual results and boost your company’s success. 

Not only that but we are also your go-to pick if you want to get best quality corporate headshots or effective corporate group photo packages. What’s more, our experienced photographers are also skilled at shooting expert artist headshots that ensure success as well as the best family photography in the area. Why wait? Browse our website today and find the package that suits you the best!