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Profile Business Photography focuses on providing clients with stunning and original business headshots that will showcase both personality and professionalism. Our goal is to have future employers and present clients see you in the most professional light. We’re a trusted choice for professional photography in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. We are here to provide you with headshots that will attract the RIGHT attention. To learn more, contact us today!

Why do you need corporate headshots?

Whether you are a realtor, entrepreneur, or business owner – you will benefit from high-quality corporate headshots that will help you outshine the competition. With Profile Business Photography, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Present a professional image
  • Leave the right first impression
  • Work with professionals
  • Experience excellent service
  • Get eye-catching portraits

Why choose us for your corporate headshots?

Profile Business Photography boasts decades of experience in professional photography. We know how to make your apprehension and anxiety disappear to enable you to relax and be photogenic at your session. This is what we bring:

  • Incredible product
  • Convenient in-office sessions
  • Client-oriented studio experience
  • Premium professional headshots
  • Tailor-made photoshoot packages


I have never experienced such an awesome and professional photographer. Jordan brings the confidence out of you and he really has the eye for whatever look you want, even when you’re not used to seeing yourself in a certain light. Illy was so amazing at fixing my makeup, clothes, and every strand of hair. I love working with them so much and I look forward to retaking amazing shots every year. I KNOW that my business will grow with the CONFIDENCE that my picture exudes.

Michelle Zhu Michelle Zhu

I’ve never had professional photos taken so I had zero expectation walking into the appointment. I was blown away by how professional, pleasant and great everyone was. I’m so glad I did this (and I hate hate hate taking pictures so coming from me that means a lot!).

Andrea Guerrero Andrea Guerrero

Amazing experience. They are experts at bringing out the best in the subjects they photograph. Their shots are second to none. I highly recommend their services. Confidence is priceless.

Debbie-Ann smith Debbie-Ann smith

Thank you so much for your expertise, patience, and the fun vibe! We love our team picture and cannot wait to add it to our marketing material. We will be in touch for our updated professional pictures and team expansion.

Naeomi Montenegro Naeomi Montenegro

Very professional, kind, and easy to work with – they work quick and get the right shot without any hassle!

James Skorupski James Skorupski

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This is our process

At Profile Business Photography, we believe in offering all our clients the highest level of business headshot photography in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. The only way to maintain our high standards is to stick to a tried-and-tested process that guarantees results. This is the process we have worked long and hard on:

  • 1

    Book your session arrow-down

    Visit our website, check out our style, and DIRECT BOOK a business headshot photography session either via an easy form. Or, if you prefer to call us, we’re here for you.

  • 2

    Prepare for your shoot arrow-down

    Our corporate headshot pre-shoot guide will tell you all you need to know and provides a step-by-step procedure for preparing for your session. It includes everything from wardrobe choices to suitable hair, skin, and makeup options that look great on corporate photos.

  • 3

    It’s gameday! arrow-down

    Arrive at our studio on time, not before or after, because of our schedule. We will take care of the backdrop and outfit changes to ensure your photos turn out great while you relax and mentally prep for your shoot.

  • 4

    See your shots as we go arrow-down

    We employ tethering with all our cameras which allows you to review all the photos we take as we’re taking them and make sure we’re going in the proper direction.

  • 5

    High fives arrow-down

    Our aim is to see you completely satisfied with the photos and the entire experience, and we want to see you leave the studio over the moon with the EXPERIENCE you’ve had.

  • 6

    Receive your gallery of images arrow-down

    You will receive your GALLERY OF IMAGES no later than 48 hours after the shoot. Depending on the package, we will also RETOUCH certain photographs and offer some of them in high resolution.

  • 7

    Retouching arrow-down

    Professionally retouching photographs can take up to 4 days. We will deliver the photos we’ve retouched per your wishes in low and high-resolution formats for printing and web purposes.

  • 8

    Post your photos! arrow-down

    We would be extremely happy if you would take the time to tag Profile Business Photography on the photos you post on social media so more people hear about us.


2165 San Diego Ave, St 103, San Diego, 92110

San Diego clients can visit us at our beautiful studio conveniently located in South Park, the indie hub of Downtown.

1715 R St #140, Sacramento, CA 95811

Our stunning Sacramento studio is an incredibly photogenic space located in The Ice Blocks, the heart of Midtown.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is headshot photography?


Headshot photography is a type of professional photography that focuses on taking high-quality photographs of clients’ faces to be used for various professional purposes. It is a service that is consistently and increasingly in demand, yet is a skill that not many photographers excel at.

There are two main styles of headshot photography that professional photography studios across Los Angeles offer:

  • Actor headshots
  • Corporate headshots

The concept for both is similar (a picture of a person’s shoulders and head), but the LOOK and the FEEL of each style should be different. Actor Headshots – tend to be more dramatic, and focus on appealing to casting directors and talent agents. Whereas Corporate Headshots are meant to showcase professionalism and career confidence.

If you’re looking for the best  business headshots for your career, you should check out Profile Business Photography. With decades of experience taking dynamic and engaging corporate headshots in Los Angeles and other nearby cities, PROFILE will make your personal brand stand apart from the rest. Reach out to Profile Business Photography today for your corporate headshot needs!

What makes a good headshot?


Taking a great business headshot at a professional photography studio in Los Angeles or the nearby area has mostly to do with the way your photographer creates the experience around the session, and how they take the actual shot.  However, there are also some things you can do to ensure your headshot is as good as it can be:

  • Come in with your hair looking its best.
  • Practice in the mirror, see how your face looks best to YOU.
  • Do what you can to accentuate your jawline. Extending your chin helps.
  • Smile confidently showing your teeth (if your comfortable showing them)  but do not laugh.
  • Dress in formal well fitted clothing that features conservative colors.
  • Keep your shot from being OVERLY RETOUCHED… the real you is the BEST you !

Should you smile in a headshot?


It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a corporate headshot session or you need headshots for a “less serious” use – you consider smiling for some of your shots and being serious for some of them. However, even when being serious, try and have a slight smile behind your eyes for your business headshot photography session in Los Angeles or the nearby areas.

You should stay away from forced / fake smiles, as they do not look genuine in photographs, and try to capture a real smile. You can achieve this by thinking of something or someone that makes you happy. Also, you can freely smile with your teeth, but without overdoing it. Sometimes it can be good to imagine you are a politician and you are giving your most professional smile. Even if that feels forced, if you channel confidence it will look powerful.

What should you not wear for a headshot?


Your outfit is an essential part of a quality corporate headshot, and you should pay great attention to what you’re going to wear to your professional photography shoot in Los Angeles. Here are some tips on what to avoid wearing when taking a business headshot:

  • Never wear any overly bright colors.
  • Small and busy patterns are not photogenic.
  • Refrain from wearing strapless tops or spaghetti straps.
  • Leave those oversized sweaters and 1970’s suits in your closet.
  • Do not put on clothes for your headshot that you’d never wear otherwise. Your headshot should reflect not only the REAL you… but the BEST you.

Who takes the best business headshots near me in Los Angeles & beyond?


If you’re trying to find a professional photography studio in Los Angeles for your business headshots, you should turn to Profile Business Photography. We have been providing our clients with modern corporate headshots across the region for many years, and we would be happy to extend the same premium service to you.

It doesn’t matter if you live near Rodeo Drive or closer to GRIFFITH PARK you should have no trouble reaching our conveniently located studio in Los Angeles in time for your photo session. We are here to provide you with the finest business headshots of your life.

If your company needs our services elsewhere, we also offer high-quality corporate photography services in Sacramento, as well as highly-personalized business photography shoots in San Diego. Profile Business Photography is here to help you create direct and powerful headshots to suit your company’s needs. Contact us today!