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Profile Business Photography is the best choice if you want to showcase the unique spirit of your company through exceptional corporate photography in San Diego. Our trained staff can provide you with elegant and dynamic headshots that make your employees feel attractive and confident, empowering them to promote your brand.

Our corporate headshot process is designed for your maximum convenience. Depending on your preference, we can either come to your office to create new headshots for your staff, or you can bring your employees to our photogenic studio near downtown San Diego. What’s more, any new hires or employees who missed the first session can visit us at our office to get their own shots that match the look and feel of the rest of the staff. The PROFILE way is simple, and powerful.

Why are corporate headshots a good idea?

Having professionally produced headshots can help present your brand in the best light as well as establish your employees as leaders in their field. Here are some perks you’ll get if you invest in corporate photography:

  • Showcase the spirit of your brand
  • Manage your staff’s personal branding
  • Convey a strong message
  • Enjoy cutting edge headshots
  • Unleash creativity

Why PROFILE is your best pick for corporate photography

The creatives at Profile Business Photography have years of experience in providing corporations across San Diego with simple and elegant headshot solutions. If you choose us for your corporate headshots, you’ll experience:

  • Highly trained photographers
  • Convenient in-office shoots
  • Relaxed studio experience
  • Inspiring final product
  • Customizable packages

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Why our clients love us

Very professional, kind, and easy to work with – they work quick and get the right shot without any hassle!

James Skorupski James Skorupski

I have never experienced such an awesome and professional photographer. Jordan brings the confidence out of you and he really has the eye for whatever look you want, even when you’re not used to seeing yourself in a certain light. Illy was so amazing at fixing my makeup, clothes, and every strand of hair. I love working with them so much and I look forward to retaking amazing shots every year. I KNOW that my business will grow with the CONFIDENCE that my picture exudes.

Michelle Zhu Michelle Zhu

Amazing experience. They are experts at bringing out the best in the subjects they photograph. Their shots are second to none. I highly recommend their services. Confidence is priceless.

Debbie-Ann smith Debbie-Ann smith

I’ve never had professional photos taken so I had zero expectation walking into the appointment. I was blown away by how professional, pleasant and great everyone was. I’m so glad I did this (and I hate hate hate taking pictures so coming from me that means a lot!).

Andrea Guerrero Andrea Guerrero

Thank you so much for your expertise, patience, and the fun vibe! We love our team picture and cannot wait to add it to our marketing material. We will be in touch for our updated professional pictures and team expansion.

Naeomi Montenegro Naeomi Montenegro

Book your corporate headshots in San Diego with ease

Our corporate photography process

The team at Profile Business Photography is fully committed to streamlining your corporate photo shoot in San Diego. We want you and your employees to feel comfortable and relaxed, all with the aim of producing highly appealing and professional corporate headshots. Here’s how it works:

  • 1

    Schedule your corporate shoot arrow-down

    Check out our corporate packages and pick the option that suits you the best. You can also contact us via email or phone if that’s what you prefer!

  • 2

    Prepare for the session arrow-down

    A good idea to ensure a successful corporate photoshoot is to discuss your aesthetic preferences with your team before the session. This way, you’ll make sure that everyone’s on the same page and let us know exactly what to aim for in your corporate headshots.

    Your staff should also get enough sleep, keep their makeup and hair simple, and wear suitable clothing.

  • 3

    Our team works their magic arrow-down

    If you and your team are coming to our studio in San Diego, make sure to get there on time, not later or earlier.

    During the session, we’ll photograph each member of your team individually, making sure their unique charm shines through.

  • 4

    Check out the shots arrow-down

    If you choose to do so, you can take a look at the images as we shoot and make a selection on the spot.

  • 5

    Congratulations are in order arrow-down

    Once the photo shoot is over, it’s time to high five (virtually fist-bump!) your photographers. We want your team to be 100% happy with the results.

  • 6

    Receive a shared photo gallery arrow-down

    Our team will send you a gallery of the best photos within 2 days. Depending on the package you chose, your team will get to pick the photos they want to have retouched as well as those they wish to download in high rez.

  • 7

    Get the retouched photos arrow-down

    We’ll retouch the selected corporate headshots within 4 days and send them to you in high and low rez formats for print or web purposes. Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions or requests, but make sure to check out our available retouching options.

  • 8

    Showcase your stunning photos! arrow-down

    It’s finally time to let everyone see your exceptional corporate headshots! Post them on your website, share them on your socials, or anywhere else your audience can see. If you feel like it, don’t hesitate to tag our team in your posts!


2165 San Diego Ave, St 103, San Diego, 92110

San Diego clients can visit us at our beautiful studio conveniently located in South Park, the indie hub of Downtown.

1715 R St #140, Sacramento, CA 95811

Our stunning Sacramento studio is an incredibly photogenic space located in The Ice Blocks, the heart of Midtown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should companies invest in high-end corporate headshots?


No matter the type or size of your company, quality corporate headshots are sure to boost the credibility and appeal of your business in San Diego. Here’s why:

  • They help your employees present themselves confidently in their field
  • Your staff will feel appreciated by their employers.
  • Quality headshots communicate a powerful message about your company
  • You’ll attract more customers and recruit stronger candidates with appealing images of your staff
  • Professional photos can help get your brand get noticed on the web

Corporate headshots are highly versatile and can be used on your socials too to celebrate your staff

How should employees prepare for a corporate photoshoot?


If you’ve scheduled a corporate photography session, it’s quite likely that your employees are excited, yet unsure as to what to expect from the shoot. And that’s perfectly normal! Here’s what they can do to prepare:

  • Agree on a brand-specific look and feel (wardrobe and backdrop)
  • Choose well-fitting clothes that boost confidence
  • Try not to get a haircut before the shoot day
  • Men should apply moisturizer after a shave the day/night before their session
  • Women are encouraged to keep their hair and makeup clean and simple
  • A good night’s sleep is a must

At Profile Business Photography, we want every member of your team to feel at ease and have fun during the shoot. Count on us to rely on tried-and-tested techniques to bring out the best in everybody and create the finest corporate headshots in San Diego.

How do you look good in corporate headshots?


A corporate headshot should present each employee in their best light. Here’s what you can do to ensure optimal results in a corporate photography session:

  • Avoid baggy and ill-fitting clothes
  • Choose outfits that match the brand
  • Avoid dramatic makeup and eyelashes
  • Avoid busy and complex patterns
  • Make sure your hair is brushed and neat
  • Take a deep breath and relax
  • If you choose to smile, make sure it’s genuine
  • Let the photographers guide your poses

As the leading corporate photographers in San Diego, the team at Profile Business Photography is well-versed in creating distinctive, striking headshots that bring out the unique appeal of each client.

What are the best colors to wear for a corporate photoshoot?


Certain colors look better than others in photos, and that’s a fact. If you and your team are preparing a color scheme for your shoot, think about the following:

  • White as an outer clothing layer can be tricky as it tends to pick up colors from the surroundings
  • Fluorescent colors are also a no-no as they tend to reflect light
  • The color of the clothing and the backdrop shouldn’t blend into each other
  • Plain mid-tone colors (green, blue, purple, wine) are the best choice as they tend to be universally flattering
  • Flesh tones (beige, cream, peach, etc.) may create an effect of your face blending into the clothes

Feel free to consult the photographers on the best color choices

Who does the best corporate photography near me in San Diego?


Profile Business Photography brings you striking and unique corporate headshots that can do wonders for boosting the appeal and success of your brand. Whether you’re located near The Gaslamp Quarter or closer to University Town Center, you can count on us to provide you with a convenient in-office corporate shoot.

And we don’t stop at San Diego either! We offer premium-quality corporate photography in San Francisco as well as the finest corporate headshots in Los, Angeles, and Sacramento.