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Whether you are an Actor, Model, Singer, or Social Media Influencer, we are prepared to produce exceptional content to help you along your journey. Profile is passionate about collaborating with local artists to produce creative and powerful images that can be used for marketing, auditions, and social media. As artists ourselves, we understand the passion for creative expression. We love to learn about WHAT you are doing now, and see what we can create together to help you get where you want to go! We are also able to create Album Covers, Actor Headshot sessions, Modeling portfolio shoots, and more sophisticated shoots upon request. Check out the artist packages below, and select the one that works best for you.



  • 1-hour session
  • Two wardrobe changes
  • 10 high-rez downloads
  • Two retouched photo
  • Round out your portfolio with a few new looks.



  • 2 hours of shooting
  • Four wardrobe changes
  • 15 high-rez downloads
  • Four retouched photos
  • Develop your brand with fire new content!



  • 3 hours of shooting
  • 6 or more wardrobe changes
  • 20 high-rez downloads
  • 6 retouched images
  • Build out a full portfolio.
  • Create the social media content you need to grow your rand.

Some of our recent artist shots:

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Need a consultation?

At Profile Business Photography, our aim is not only to provide our clients with the best possible artist headshot photography, but also to make a completely enjoyable experience out of it. Our seasoned headshot photographers will slowly guide you through the process and help you bring out your best.
This is how we operate at Profile Business Photography:

  • 1

    Schedule a session arrow-down

    Visit our website, see if our style is something you need, and then DIRECT BOOK our artist headshot photography services. Also, you can reach us via email, or call us and tell us when you’d like your session to take place.

  • 2

    Get ready for the shoot arrow-down

    Now, it’s time to prepare for the artist headshot shoot that awaits:

    1. Wardrobe – We advise you to first browse some photos that appeal to your taste online, as well as in our own portfolio, and get some ideas on what you should wear for the shoot. After that, select a WARDROBE that makes you feel amazing. Sometimes, the perfect outfit is waiting in the closet, while at other times you might have to go on a shopping spree.
    2. Hair & makeup – We do not advise you to get a haircut immediately before the shoot. FOR MEN: If you’re going for the no-beard look, use some moisturizer to give your skin a fresh look. FOR WOMEN: Keep the makeup simple and clean if you’re doing it on your own. Avoid fake eyelashes, as they will stop the light from emphasizing your eyes.
    3. Sleep – Sleep well, because a good night’s sleep before the shoot will make your eyes look alive and shining.
  • 3

    It’s time! arrow-down

    If you’ve chosen to come to our studio, we would politely ask you to arrive exactly on time – not after or before. We will notify you of the duration of your session once you book and select an artist headshot photography package. As we’re shooting, we will change the outfits and the backdrops to make sure your photos really present you in the best possible manner.

  • 4

    Review the shots during during the shoot arrow-down

    All the cameras we use are tethered to a computer, which allows you to see all the images as we’re shooting them. Take a look at the headshots to make sure we’re going in the right direction.

  • 5

    Salutations arrow-down

    When we finish the photoshoot, all that remains is for you to congratulate both yourself and your professional artist headshot photographers in charge of your shoot. We want to see you leave our studio smiling from ear to ear.

  • 6

    Get your images arrow-down

    You will get your GALLERY OF IMAGES within 48 hours of the photoshoot. Only the best artist headshots will comprise this gallery. Depending on your package of choice, you will be able to send us the images you want us to RETOUCH, as well as those you want available in HIGH REZ DOWNLOAD.

  • 7

    The retouch arrow-down

    Properly retouching photographs can take as much as 4 days. We will deliver the retouched images to you in both LOW REZ & HIGH REZ format for web and printing purposes. Also, if there’s something more you’d like us to do with your headshots, we’d be happy to oblige. Also, you can explore and find out what makes our advanced retouching stand above basic retouching.

  • 8

    Post the photos arrow-down

    Finally, it’s time to show the world to the new brand of you! Always remember to optimize all the photos you post with a call to action on your social media accounts. And, if you’re feeling inspired to do so, we are always grateful for you to tag Profile Business Photography on IG or FB posts, so our audience can see your finished product!


2165 San Diego Ave, St 103, San Diego, 92110

San Diego clients can visit us at our beautiful studio conveniently located in South Park, the indie hub of Downtown.

1715 R St #140, Sacramento, CA 95811

Our stunning Sacramento studio is an incredibly photogenic space located in The Ice Blocks, the heart of Midtown.

Frequently asked questions

Why do artists need headshots?


One of the initial steps of all aspiring artists is to take headshots. There are several important reasons behind the artists’ need for professionally-photographed headshots, and here are the four biggest ones:

  1. Resume: Artists need resumes, and artist headshots are an essential part of an artist’s resume. All casting processes focus on several aspects of an artist, with appearance playing a major role. Artist headshots allow the casting director to see whether or not the artist fits the bill.
  2. Impression: A lot of portfolios and photographs go through the hands of casting directors. When you book a professional artist headshot photography session and get unique photos, they will leave the right impression on the right people. 
  3. Camera-readiness: Having your photos taken by an experienced artist headshot photographer will help you become more camera-ready by allowing you to spend invaluable time in front of the camera. 

Canvas: Finally, artists portray many different roles during their careers, and an artist headshot can serve as a blank and flattering canvas that will help casting directors see if they can mold you in the right direction.

What makes a good artist headshot?


When you’re thinking of making your first artist headshots, you’re probably thinking about what will make them stand out from the crowd. At Professional Business Photography, we believe in a unique approach to artist headshot photography, and there are several things that make our headshots pop:

  1. Personality: We don’t like to overdo it with the glamour and the airbrushing on the artist headshots we take. We want your photos to look like you and show off your personality. 
  2. Eyes: We focus on bringing out your eyes in your headshots, and you should do your part to focus on acting with your eyes,
  3. Background, framing, and lighting: These are the three vital components of a quality artist headshot, and adequate background, great lighting, and good framing make all the difference.
  4. Studio vs. natural light: Depending on your requirements and needs, we will either use natural light for a “film” look, or studio lighting for a more polished look.
  5. Clothing & props: We always advise our clients to keep it clean with both the wardrobe and the potential props they will bring. It’s never a good idea to clutter up your artist headshot.

Makeup: With all the modern retouching solutions available to professional photographers, there’s no need to overdo it with the makeup, which is why we advise our clients to keep it clean and simple.

What to wear for artist headshots?


There’s not a single ideal wardrobe choice for an artist headshot photography shoot, as the wardrobe is supposed to be the choice of the client. However, there are tips that can help you make the best wardrobe choice for you:

  • Try to pick the clothes that fit your character and that you feel comfortable in.
  • Refrain from wearing various costumes for your artist headshot session.
  • Don’t wear overly fashionable designer clothes, as they will take attention away from you.
  • Allow your wardrobe choice to reflect your personality, but without getting too eccentric.
  • Bring several combinations so you have options to choose from if one outfit is not working out.

How do you take an artist's headshot?


At Profile Business Photography, we employ all our extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise to bring our clients the perfect artist headshots they would be proud to become part of their portfolio. We take the time to listen to what our clients want, but are also here to offer advice on how to get the best artist headshots.

It is only through a dedicated and professional approach to artist headshot photography that it is possible to achieve maximum results for all our clients. We offer wardrobe changes and background choices, and we experiment with them until we discover the perfect combination. Also, we will retouch the photos you want us to polish. Our comprehensive approach to artist headshot photography is what makes all the difference.

Who’s the most experienced artist headshot photographer in San Diego, Sacramento & beyond?


At Profile Business Photography, we offer many different services in addition to artist headshot photography, from expert individual photo shoots to professional family photography. We are here to cater to your varying professional photography needs.

However, we realize that acting, though in its essence is about art, is ultimately a business, and we specialize in business photography. Our specialty is creating artist headshots that work for YOUR BUSINESS. Many headshot photographers believe the headshot is about THEIR art, whereas at Profile, we realize the goal is to get YOU opportunities to perform.

We are committed to creating the very best Professional Business Photography content, and that ranges from powerful headshots for artists, to complete corporate photoshoots, as well as professional corporate videos. What we believe, is that the most compelling content will provide you with the best results for your business!

But that’s not all. Even if you want to take professional family photographs, or if you’re looking to schedule one of our excellent video packages, you’re in the right place. Professional Business Photography is your go-to partner for all your professional photography requirements. Visit our website, explore the packages we offer, and choose the one for you. Contact us today.